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The Crypto Star Daily is the first NFT themed newspaper that captures blockchain news as it happens. We mint our newspapers about the blockchain, on the blockchain.


Our news team is focused on publishing blockchain events and turning them into digital assets for our customers. In the near future, we will be moving our shop to the metaverse. 


Unlike traditional newspapers, we aren't delivering our newest editions to your doorstep on a bike while attempting to outrun dogs in the neighborhood. However, our company still documents monumental moments in the technological advancement of our society and publishes them on the blockchain. You can purchase them on a daily or weekly basis. 

Our main production line focuses on Daily and Weekly Editions that record various events related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the blockchain. Historical Editions will also be published, although these are limited and rare. Lastly, Emergency and Special Editions will be published if there is truly important or breaking news related to the blockchain.


You can frequently purchase new editions on a daily or weekly basis as they are published. On rare occasions, historical and emergency editions will be published.


If you want to own a piece of blockchain history, you've come to the right place. 

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